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Web Graphics

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What are Web Graphics?

Web graphics are visual designs or images used on web pages to enhance user experience and to convey an idea or feeling. They also provide valuable branding to a website to help a business stand out from their competition.

Why are they important?

Images are used to attract and maintain the attention of a website user. Since 65% of the population describes themselves as visual learners, it is wise to plan for people who prefer pictures to words when you develop the layout of your site. Graphic designers are experts at matching design styles between sales brochures and websites to ensure that you have a consistent brand to which your customers can identify.

Helpful Guidelines for Web Graphics

Graphics should fit within the design elements of the brand

It’s important to maintain a consistent experience for your users, while not distracting from the overall message of your web page. As much as you may want to show the newest and coolest feature of your new product or service, it’s important to determine whether it fits in or not.

Avoid using graphics with large file sizes

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see from do-it-yourself marketing people. Large file sizes take longer for a webpage to load. Not only will this annoy your users, but it’s a big strike against you from Google and the other search engines. Each file size should be between 50 – 75 kilobytes.

Graphics should be used focused on getting attention

Using a visually strong graphic will draw the user’s attention. This is a great way to shift focus on different elements of your web page. It also provides great structure for your content. But be careful, if you try to emphasize too much, the nothing will stand out.

Avoid using graphics to replace text

Due to the effectiveness of graphics, it can be tempting to use them for everything. This shouldn’t be the case with text. Be sure to cater to the visual needs of your users. Images of text can’t be resized the same way as true text. Also, images take longer to load than text.

Always provide an alt attribute to images

The alt attribute provides alternative information (like text) for an image if it doesn’t load properly or if you have visually impaired users. The text should describe the image and provide a link destination if the image is attached to a url.

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