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Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

What is Brand Awareness?

The process of search engine optimization maximizes the visibility of a web page or website without having to pay for advertising. This is commonly referred to as organic, or natural search results. Most businesses with a website want to be listed on the first page of search results on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. A successful SEO strategy can deliver those results.

Understanding the Consumer Buying Cycle

All consumers go through a five-step process when purchasing a product or service. Businesses that understand this process will increase their visibility and receive more sales. The buying cycle consists of:

Realizing the Need for the Product or Service

This is where the consumer becomes aware that a change needs to be made. It is here that brands need to determine how to fulfill the need. Once the need can be solved, the brand can tailor their focus to attracting the consumer.

Searching for Useful Information

The consumer begins to do research into the products or services that can offer a solution to their need. This is where having brand awareness becomes important.

Evaluating the Options and Reading Reviews

This is where the options are evaluated for each product or service. Consumers are starting to put an added emphasis on customer reviews during this phase. 

Decision to Purchase

This is, obviously, where the final decision and purchase are made.

Post-Purchase Behavior

This is the evaluation of the product or service. The evaluation can consist of anything from a comment to another person, call to customer service, or an online review.

Why is it important?

During the ‘searching for useful information’ stage, consumers will try to think of a company that offers a solution to fulfill their need. This provides a starting point for comparison. They will perform a Google search for potential companies and include any brands that are identifiable. If you want your company to progress through the buying cycle, you have to establish this brand awareness to stay in the game.

This awareness greatly reduces the time it takes to move through the buying cycle. If a customer finds a solution form a brand that they recognize as an industry leader, they will gain the confidence to compare fewer competitors. And, because they already know who you are, they will be more likely to respond in a positive manner to your offerings.

Steps to Achieving Brand Awareness

Now that we understand the importance of brand awareness, we need to understand how to have it implemented. Effective content marketing and public relations are the foundation to raising your brand awareness. There are multiple resources available with Frond Marketing to help get you on your path to success. Call today to speak with one our industry experts.

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Professional web design is the process of joining the principles of design and usability to create a site that looks great, is easy to navigate, and offers interesting content.

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Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands using digital distribution channels to reach targeted consumers in a timely, relevant, and cost-effective manner.

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Your brand is more than your logo, name, or slogan — it’s the entire experience your prospects and customers have with your company, product, or service.

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